About the Therapists

Tara Pratt

Tara has been an animal lover her whole life. Her career with animals began in 1990 when she graduated from high school and started working with Arabian horses, competing at the National level. She developed a closeness with her horses and wanted them to have the best care possible. In her search for ways to make the horses healthier and happier, she came upon equine massage. She worked with Jack Meagher who was one of the founders of sports massage in both humans and animals. In 1994 she graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage (CCM). Following CCM, she continued studying animal massage, becoming certified in both equine and dog massage at Integrative Therapies in Ohio. Tara trained with Sara Stenson at Equine Massage College in Colorado as well as CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute. Tara is strictly an animal therapist, offering animal bodywork throughout Western New York.