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Emily Berke

Emily Berke

A graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage, Emily has always wanted to be involved in a profession that allowed her to utilize her skills to give to others. She became interested in the field of massage therapy through several life experiences. When living in New York City, after being a server for years, she began to receive regular professional massages. This helped combat the strain, wear and tear that her profession was inflicting on her body; a wonderful discovery. Practicing yoga has also taught Emily the importance and relief of having full range of motion and relaxed muscles. In addition, her Reiki training led her to discover the incredible healing power of human touch and cleared the path to becoming a massage therapist. It was a combination of Reiki and massage that truly solidified her belief in the mind body connection.

She has studied levels I and II Reiki with Master Dylan Mariah in 2010, and later took an "Advanced Reiki" training course. Topics included clearing techniques for self and environments, sound healing, an expansion of chakra balancing, polarity holds and releases, and counseling skills for working with clients. As her experiences with Reiki grew coupled with her personal healing experiences with massage, her plans for a future in the health field advanced. In April 2012, Emily graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY.

Emily specializes in a beautiful mix of Swedish massage, Connective Tissue Therapy and energy work. Often she incorporates herbal oils that she has organically wildcrafted and has made herself. Emily's bodywork is gentle yet strong as well as intuitive. Listening is a skill she has mastered and it is reflected in each of her clients sessions. She takes the time necessary to hear what is ailing each individual and combines the most appropriate techniques to best resolve the clients presenting aches, pains and injuries, as well as simply creating a relaxing and deeply healing session.

Learning more ways to heal, relieve stress in herself and others, and experiencing the power of healing touch has changed her life. Since massage school, Emily has been studying herbal medicine at Heart Stone Herbal School in Van Etten N.Y. As a practitioner of massage therapy, reiki, and in the future, herbal medicine, her goal is to answer what she believes are the ultimate questions: "How can I use my life's energy to benefit all living beings? What do I have to offer to the world that is positive and how do I make that my life's work?"

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