About the Treatments

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health therapy involves verbal and non-verbal communication between client and therapist, based on the client’s goals for therapy. Therapist will use an integrated evidence based theoretical approach to counseling consisting of several theories. Therapist mainly uses a person-centered approach of meeting the client where they are at so they may move through the therapeutic process together. Choice Theory may be used, which encompasses the idea that all people have the ability to choose their own happiness based on what they believe to be important in their life (William Glasser, 1998). Along with Choice Theory, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy may be implemented, which is the idea that thoughts and feelings can positively or negatively affect one’s behaviors (Aaron T. Beck, 1976). For example, therapist may encourage client list thoughts and feelings about a particular situation and then examine together the pros and cons of these thoughts and feelings and how they impact situation. Finally, an Existential approach of discovering the client’s overall meaning and purpose in life through exploring what motivates a client to live (Viktor Frankl, 2006).

Mental Health Counseling Fees:
One hour $90 - Sliding scale available