About the Treatments


Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils for therapeutic purposes. Essential Oils are derived from certain plants; these oils offer the plant protection from pests and keep them healthy. When they are inhaled, Essential Oils have an effect on the brain’s chemistry offering the same benefits to humans as they do the plants themselves. They protect the body from illness and support us both physically and mentally.

During a private consultation, a treatment plan using Essential Oils will be discussed and a custom blend will be made to take home. A variety of carriers can be used such as: a lotion, an oil, a spray, a bath salt, an inhaler, or several other mediums. The carrier is determined by the client’s needs and wishes.

Aromatherapy Fees:
One hour initial consultation $70 - includes 1 custom blend
One hour follow-up consultation $60
$15 to add to any modality - Available only with select therapists