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Ashiatsu Bar Therapy

Do you want deeper pressure? Ashiatsu Bar Therapy is a hybrid dance of Swedish and deep tissue massage performed with the therapists bare feet while the client rests comfortably on the table. The therapist uses bars above the head for balance. Oils are generously applied to the body. The technique combines centrifugal and centripetal pumping movement that benefits the client by creating structural change and suppleness in soft tissue. Because the therapist is able to use the weight of their body, it is considered one of the deepest techniques in the field of therapeutic massage and bodywork.

Ashiatsu was founded by Ruthie Piper Hardee in 1995. The root word “Ashi” meaning foot and “Atsu” meaning pressure. The history of Ashiatsu stems from several Asian barefoot techniques used in India, Africa, China, Japan, Thailand, and The Philippines . As a massage therapist, Ruthie was inspired to incorporate techniques she had been exposed to in her youth while traveling in Asia with her family.

Healing Haven Massage and Wellness is excited to be among the first to bring this wonderful massage technique to Rochester, NY! Allow yourself the sense of a whole new level of relaxation and experience this luxurious massage today!

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Ashiatsu Bar Therapy Fees:
One hour $105
One hour and a half $135